Girly Brainiac

Girly Brainiac

Sunday, April 9, 2017

6 Forms of Attraction

Attraction is built on six criteria:

1) Aesthetic - This is what first attracts us to someone.  Symmetry and natural beauty are key.

2) Romantic gestures - Planning dates, writing handwritten love letters, and getting someone a gift just because it's a Tuesday are super duper romantic.  Ronald and Nancy Reagan were the ultimate romantics.  He would write love letters for her while he was travelling. 

3) Emotional connection - Trust and respect take time.  Self-disclosure and overcoming challenges as a team will help you create a strong bond.  The 36 questions for falling in love are a mixture of light-hearted questions and serious ones.  Asking open-ended questions about their beliefs, upbringing, lifestyle, and vision will guide you to see if there is compatibility. 

4) Intellectual - Sapiosexuals are on-the-rise as the geek and nerd culture becomes hip.

5) Sensual - Holding hands, kissing, and gently pushing someone on the shoulder are flirtatious.   

6) Sexual - Learning about erogenous zones will help amp up your attraction level.  Studies have shown courting and self-restraint lead to longer-lasting relationships. 

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