Girly Brainiac

Girly Brainiac

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Who created political correctness?

Political correctness started at the Frankfurt school, which promoted cultural Marxist ideas.  The people who created it moved the US and became part of Columbia University.  

The Frankfurt school ridiculed religion, promoted open borders, started race-baiting, and encouraged feminism.  Right now the US is seeing a lot of parallels to this culture since we have an increasing number of atheists and agnostics, an increase of illegal immigrants, and a decrease in marriage.  

On a side note, ancient Rome fell because the Barbarians invaded their land and tried to take over the culture.  There was a culture clash, a divided empire, and a growing welfare state.  The empire was too big to govern.  

This progressive mindset leads to Saul Alinsky's 8 principles for creating a socialist state, which makes people dependent on the government because they made poor choices and believed in determinism.  People need to start believing in humanism.  Just because you had a past it doesn't mean your future can't be good.  There is still a lot of economic mobility in the US, so you will be rewarded if you work hard, save money, and do not lead to the moral decay in this country.

Read Richard Lamm's speech about how to destroy a nation by creating this false idea of why multiculturalism and diversity are excellent for society.  He gets his talking points from the book Mexifornia. 

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