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Girly Brainiac

Saturday, March 18, 2017

How to Destroy a Nation


Richard Lamm gave a speech on the book Mexifornia on the 8 ways to destroy a nation, which was featured on and Mark Levin's show.

Here are the rules he talks about:

1. Make it a bilingual country, so there isn't an official language.  Nutrition labels, government paperwork, and customer service should be in 2 languages.  Foreigners are not encouraged to assimilate to their new culture.

2. Say all cultures are the same despite the differences in their cultural identity.  Tell people that minorities getting married out of wedlock, failing classes, or dropping out of school is because the majority is oppressing them.  

3. Celebrate diversity rather than unity.  Use the salad bowl metaphor instead of the melting pot metaphor.

4. Make our fastest growing group the least uneducated.

5. Get businesses involved in the cause of multiculturalism to encourage victim mentality.  For example: getting rid of meritocracy by imposing affirmative action.

6. Implement a plan to allow dual citizenship.

7. Call anything against diversity as "racist" or "xenophonic."

8. Make it impossible to enforce immigration laws.  Censor Victor Hanson Davidson's book Mexifornia.

In order to reverse this multicultural agenda, we need to prevent minorities from having a determinist, victim mentality.  Minorities have the same opportunities to excel, but the problem is they want the same outcome.  

Yuri Bezmenov is another person who eloquently talks about the destruction of America through deception.  

Here are the 4 stages to turn this idea from a theory into a reality:

1. Demoralization: A lack of moral standards and mocking religion
2. Destabilization: Ruin the economy, defense systems, and foreign relations.
3. Crisis: Create a fake crisis.
4. Normalization: People will not believe the truth even if you show them it.

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