Girly Brainiac

Girly Brainiac

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Global Warming is a Form of Population Control

Global warming is a mechanism that serves 2 purposes: population control and killing capitalism.

  • John Bates, a climate change scientist from NOAA, said the data was manipulated.
  • Hal Lewis resigned from his job as a climate change scientist and admitted it's a hoax.
  • John Podesta's emails revealed scientists changed the data.
  • Lord Monckton talks about how climate change is natural.  It's called weather. 
  • Most meteorlogists do not believe in man-made global warming.

It's a shame Al Gore will be perpetuating this hoax in the film "an Inconvenient Truth 2."  Keep in mind this is the same man who claimed he invented the Internet.  A lot of celebrities in Hollywood who encourage everyday people to be eco-friendly drive gas guzzlers, have private jets, or use tons of water for their massive lawns.  It makes them sound like a hypocrite.

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