Girly Brainiac

Girly Brainiac

Saturday, March 18, 2017

6 Step At-Home Science Experiment to Get Rid of Fluoride

Here is a science experiment you should do:

1. Buy a water quality test kit and test the water at home for lead, fluoride, and other contaminants.

2. Compare the results in the experiment with annual water quality reports in our city.

3. See if the contaminants in our water supply are elevated.

4. Share the results with the media and people on social media to wake up the masses and encourage them to do the same.  They also need to know the ramifications of these contaminants being in our water supply for drinking and bathing.  We can also explain how this compares to ancient Rome when their empire declined partially because the government go too big to manage, people were being poisoned from the lead pipes called aquaducts, and the Barbarians (kind of like illegal immigrants today) migrated ultimately creating a culture clash.

5. Contact government officials to get rid of the poison being put in our water supply.

6. Buy reverse osmosis water since water filters won't get rid of all of the contaminants.

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