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Girly Brainiac

Saturday, March 18, 2017

President Donald Trump's Review

President Donald Trump seems pretty moderate, but folks on the left are freaking out.
  • Transgender bathrooms: He didn't want to deal with the issue, so he said leave it to the states.  
  • Crony capitalism business deals to "save jobs:" Small businesses should get the same tax breaks as corporation.  No group of people should get special treatment.
  • Trans-Pacific Partnership: Getting rid of it is wise.
  • Avoiding putting Hillary Clinton in prison: It's a shame this didn't happen already.
  • Criticizing the media: I'm not sure if this is an act; meaning acting he hates the media, but being friends behind closed doors.  The mainstream media deceives, embellishes, and divides people through manipulation tactics.  I only pay attention to indie media, so I don't have stockholm syndrome with the corporate mainstream media.
  • Being pro-life: I'm pro-life with the exceptions of rape, incest, and a mom's life being in danger.  Trump agrees with this 100%.
  • Against illegal immigrants, but pro-legal immigration: This is a good idea for the big picture.  People on the left think it's racist, but it's not.  Mexico has a wall, views illegal immigrants as felons, and forces illegal immigrants to spend at least 2 years in jail and pay 300 to 500 pesos.  If they think the US is racist, then so is Mexico.
  • Travel ban: Unsure about it
  • March for Life: He supported it even though he didn't attend it.
If you look at my older posts, you'll see I thought he was a plant for helping Hillary Clinton win the election.  I am still skeptical of why he's president, but I am rooting for him because I'm a patriotic American who wants this country to succeed.  I also respect the office and will hold President Trump accountable when he makes mistakes because that's what a true patriot does.

I am curious to see what his health care plan will be like and how it will roll out.  Same thing applies to the wall.  To everyone who wants him to get impeached, just remember Mike Pence will have to take over as president and Paul Ryan will then become the vice president.

What do you think of Donald Trump or my review?

6 Step At-Home Science Experiment to Get Rid of Fluoride

Here is a science experiment you should do:

1. Buy a water quality test kit and test the water at home for lead, fluoride, and other contaminants.

2. Compare the results in the experiment with annual water quality reports in our city.

3. See if the contaminants in our water supply are elevated.

4. Share the results with the media and people on social media to wake up the masses and encourage them to do the same.  They also need to know the ramifications of these contaminants being in our water supply for drinking and bathing.  We can also explain how this compares to ancient Rome when their empire declined partially because the government go too big to manage, people were being poisoned from the lead pipes called aquaducts, and the Barbarians (kind of like illegal immigrants today) migrated ultimately creating a culture clash.

5. Contact government officials to get rid of the poison being put in our water supply.

6. Buy reverse osmosis water since water filters won't get rid of all of the contaminants.

Forms of Eugenics and Population Control

Here is a list of eugenics and population control:

  • Fluoride in food, water, toothpaste, and mouthwash (hexafluorosilic acid): Put contaminants in the water and dental hygiene products to reduce people's memory and give them bone cancer.  Use neem toothpaste or make homemade toothpaste.
  • Genetically modified organisms: Monsanto puts poison in people's foods and brainwashes people by saying it's for the greater good of feeding more people.  Even organic food has genetically modified food, so get into homesteading.
  • Abortions: Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood talks about how some parts of the population are like weeds and need to be exterminated.  Wearing protection, waiting to have sex until marriage, being conservatively dressed, or getting your tubes tied are viable options to reduce your chances of having an abortion.
  • Global warming: Humans cause CO2 emissions.  Stop telling people global warming is man-made.
  • Vaccines: Natural news revealed how vaccines cause autism.  Avoid getting vaccines and question your doctors about why you need certain procedures done.
  • LGBTQ+ community agenda: If they do have kids, then they adopt.  These people have gender or sexual dysphoria and need to see a psychologist or a psychiatrist.
  • Feminism: They work on their career instead of having a family.  Anti-feminism and resorting to a 1950's lifestyle is the solution.

Global Warming is a Form of Population Control

Global warming is a mechanism that serves 2 purposes: population control and killing capitalism.

  • John Bates, a climate change scientist from NOAA, said the data was manipulated.
  • Hal Lewis resigned from his job as a climate change scientist and admitted it's a hoax.
  • John Podesta's emails revealed scientists changed the data.
  • Lord Monckton talks about how climate change is natural.  It's called weather. 
  • Most meteorlogists do not believe in man-made global warming.

It's a shame Al Gore will be perpetuating this hoax in the film "an Inconvenient Truth 2."  Keep in mind this is the same man who claimed he invented the Internet.  A lot of celebrities in Hollywood who encourage everyday people to be eco-friendly drive gas guzzlers, have private jets, or use tons of water for their massive lawns.  It makes them sound like a hypocrite.

The Truth About Chemotherapy


Chemotherapy weakens the immune system.  Dr. Gerson discovered the cure for cancer, but the pharmaceutical companies don't want you to know about it.  

The Gerson diet is about having a plant-based diet.  Avoid sugar and processed food to help get rid of cancer.  Steve Jobs was on this diet, but he was encouraged to get off of it because "it would interfere with his chemotherapy treatment."

Anyone in the medical community who prescribes chemotherapy is a murderer.  Chemotherapy has never helped anyone.  Whoever survives chemotherapy did so because they have a strong immune system.

Dr. Lorraine Day is one of the many people who cured her cancer by doing the Gerson diet.

I would go above-and-beyond and suggest people either get into homesteading or buying nutrient dense foods from local farmers markets.   

How to Destroy a Nation


Yuri Bezmenov eloquently talked about the destruction of America through deception known as psychological subversion.

Here are the 4 stages to turn this idea from a theory into a reality:

1. Demoralization: A lack of moral standards and mocking religion
2. Destabilization: Ruin the economy, defense systems, and foreign relations.
3. Crisis: Create a fake crisis.
4. Normalization: People will not believe the truth even if you show them it. 

Edward Bernays, the nephew of Sigmund Freud, wrote a book on propaganda.  It seems like the government is using these tactics to make so-called "authority figures" preach opinions as if they are facts.

Bezmenov criticized the mainstream media of using strategies into brainwashing people.

Here are some lies we are told: 

1) The FDA stated walnuts are drugs and Frosted Flakes are healthier than avocados[Walnuts and avocados are rich in omega 3 fatty acids and are beneficial to people.] 

2) Vaccines are safe and do not cause anything on the autism spectrum. [They have mercury in them, but the CDC keeps claiming they are safe.  It's impossible for students to attend school without vaccines.  This should be an incentive for people to want to homeschool their kids.]

3) Fluoride is safe in small dosages.   [It isn't safe in any dosage.  Try Tom's Toothpaste, which is fluoride free and SLS free.  Neem toothpaste, flossing, and oil pulling with coconut oil are also viable options.  Americans have a hefty intake of fluoride that comes from: drinking water, bathing water, and dental hygiene products and procedures (mouthwash, toothpaste, and cleaning procedures at the dentist).  Fluoride causes fertility problems, skeletal fluorosis, and dehydration.  According to Dr. Lorraine Day, the top 3 causes for disease are: malnutrition, stress, and dehydration.]

4) Chemotherapy is safe.  [Dr. Otto Warburg said any disease including cancer can not survive in a body that's highly alkaline.  Doctors like Dr. Lorraine Day strongly believe the Gerson diet works because it's highly alkaline.  Chemotherapy has mustard gas in it, which was used in World War 2.]

Make an educated opinion on what is right for you after doing some independent research.

Who created political correctness?

Political correctness started at the Frankfurt school, which promoted cultural Marxist ideas.  The people who created it moved the US and became part of Columbia University.  

The Frankfurt school ridiculed religion, promoted open borders, started race-baiting, and encouraged feminism.  Right now the US is seeing a lot of parallels to this culture since we have an increasing number of atheists and agnostics, an increase of illegal immigrants, and a decrease in marriage.  

On a side note, ancient Rome fell because the Barbarians invaded their land and tried to take over the culture.  There was a culture clash, a divided empire, and a growing welfare state.  The empire was too big to govern.  

This progressive mindset leads to Saul Alinsky's 8 principles for creating a socialist state, which makes people dependent on the government because they made poor choices and believed in determinism.  People need to start believing in humanism.  Just because you had a past it doesn't mean your future can't be good.  There is still a lot of economic mobility in the US, so you will be rewarded if you work hard, save money, and do not lead to the moral decay in this country.

Read Richard Lamm's speech about how to destroy a nation by creating this false idea of why multiculturalism and diversity are excellent for society.  He gets his talking points from the book Mexifornia. 

How to Destroy Feminism and MGTOW

In order to destroy MGTOW, we need to destroy feminism and bring back traditional values.  I can understand where MGTOW is coming from because they have every right to be angry.  Women file for divorce 80% of the time, typically steal men's assets in nasty divorce cases, and manipulate their kids into hating their dads.  Some MGTOW guys choose to stay away from romance altogether while others only date foreigners or conservative women. 

As much as men like being players and bad boys, I think after awhile some of them want to settle down and start a family.  With this being said, they feel bad about marriage because they're afraid of getting divorced or being in an unhappy marriage.  

Our culture needs to shift and we need to teach women it's beneficial to stay-at-home instead of being a career woman.  We also have to encourage women to learn how to cook, appreciate chivalry, solve problems in a relationship, and learn about natural remedies.

Aaron Russo, Roosh V, and Stefan Molyneux have all talked about the negative ramifications of women choosing a career over having a family.  Gloria Steinem worked for the CIA and worked with Rockefeller to sponsor women's liberation, so the government could now tax women, destroy the nuclear family, and make women dependent on the government to raise them and their kids.