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Girly Brainiac

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Boycott Hollywood and the Mainstream Media

Boycott Hollywood meme
Americans are boycotting Hollywood's liberal propaganda and their sponsors. Boycotting is more effective than protesting because you are not paying these celebrities for their projects.

How can I boycott Hollywood?
Stop watching their tv shows and movies, attending their concerts, eating at their restaurants, award shows, listening to the radio, watching mainstream news programs,

What are the alernatives to Hollywood's work?
Independent media – No More 2 Party System, AMTV, Truth Stream Media, David Seaman, Mark Dice

Why should I boycott them? 
Celebrities are pushing the envelope and ruining the family unit with the modern feminist agenda, acting in a promiscuous fashion ultimately acting as poor role models, killing chivalry, talking about politics during events that serve an entertainment purpose, and creating a victim hood mentality.
What events or products should I boycott?
Audi's feminist advertisment about equal pay and Budweiser's commercial regarding immigration will appear at the 51rst Super Bowl where Lady Gaga will give a political half-time performance.  The pop star singer confirmed she will say something about politics.  She will be on stage with the cast of Hamilton who gave a standing ovation to Hillary Clinton, but harassed Vice President Mike Pence while he saw their play.  Starbucks would rather hire refugees than American citizens.  I am all for hiring legal American citizens who are qualified for the job.  Boycott the Super Bowl, the Oscars, and their sponsors like Audi, Starbucks Coffee, and Budweiser Beer.

How has Hollywood been hypocritical?
Leonardo Dicaprio has a private jet and yet he promotes an eco-friendly agenda.  During the drought in the South Western part of the United States, celebrities have used water when it was forbidden not to.  They are preaching global warming is an urgent issue, but yet they drive gas guzzling cars, live in mansions that require a huge electricity bill, and water their lawns with tons of water.  Al Gore, the man who said he invented the Internet, made the movie "an Inconvenient Truth" to perpetuate a lie about global warming.  A scientist by the name of Hal Lewis admitted global warming is a hoax when he retired from his job.

A lot of Hollywood liberals said they would move out-of-the-country if Donald Trump wins the election.  None of them moved.  Celebrities highly criticize capitalism, but it's what made them rich.  I got a warning on Quora asking Lena Dunham some hard-hitting questions about feminism, why she didn't move out-of-the-country yet, and her views on Hillary Clinton.

Why should people boycott mainstream media, too?
90% of the media is owned by 6 companies according to a 2012 infographic by Frugal Dad.  These companies put their bias into their reporting to deceive and manipulate their audience.  Journolist is a popular tool used by mainstream media to use the same talking points.  

Watch indie movies and independent media instead of Hollywood-made movies and mainstream media.

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