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Girly Brainiac

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Who Will Replace Hillary Clinton if She Drops Out?

68-year-old Hillary Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, September 9, 2016.  Dr. Ted Noel said she allegedly has parkinson's disease.  If she has pneumonia coupled with parkinson's disease, then this could be fatal.  According to, she might have stage 3 parkinson's disease. 

She wore blue glasses, which are known to help people with parkinson's disease.  Every time she is under stress and hears loud noises, she has seizure-like incidents.  This might be the reason why she hasn't done a press release in over 270 days.

She canceled some events in California due to her recent health scare.  It seems fishy her campaign didn't tell the American public until the video of her collapsing on September 11, 2016 went viral.  Barack Obama and Bill Clinton will be on the campaign trail on her behalf.

Her husband, Bill Clinton, told Charlie Rose that she's healthy and her health problems were solely because of dehydration and pneumonia.

On Monday night, she told Anderson Cooper she didn't tell Americans about her pneumonia because she didn't think it was going to be that big of a deal.  The Clintons like to boast about how they are the most transparent politicians in history, but they didn't mention anything about her health until after the incident became well-known and they didn't release her medical records.

David Shuster, a former reporter for MSNBC, stated there is a secret meeting among the Democrats to replace her.  Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, and Tim Kaine are some of the candidates who seem like viable options if Hillary's health worsens.

Joe Biden challenged Donald Trump to jogging.  Health matters in the race, especially since we have contenders who aren't spring chickens anymore.  

Tim Kaine defended Hillary by saying Trump's supporters are deplorable.  

Ted Strickland mentioned that Tim Kaine is ready to be president. 

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