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Girly Brainiac

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Hillary Clinton Does Not Face Any Criminal Charges Regarding E-mailgate Scandal

Hillary Clinton was not charged with anything regarding the e-mail scandal according to the FBI. stated FBI director, James Comey, was allegedly influenced by President Obama.

Clinton had a private server in her basement and deleted over 30,000 e-mails.  She claimed she released all of the e-mails, but Time Magazine states otherwise.

Bill Clinton had a meeting with attorney general Loretta Lynch, which Hillary said she learned about on the news.  According to We Are Change, Lynch's office is in the same building Hillary Clinton's campaign is in. 

Bryan Pagliano, Hillary Clinton's personal information technology specialist, also did not face any charges.  It is still uncertain whether or not other colleagues of the Clintons will face any sort of criminal charges regarding the e-mailgate case.  Her posse includes: Richard Blumenthal, Sidney Blumenthal, Cheryl Mills, and Huma Abedin.

Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice had similar scandals, but got away with criminal activity.  This case set the precedent for other public officials.  

Bernie Sanders may endorse Hillary Clinton as early as this week.  Hillary Clinton is trying to change the topic about the scandal by criticizing Donald Trump's entrepreneurial ventures.

WikiLeaks released some of Clinton's e-mails.

Hillary Clinton sounds like Donald Trump in the clip above in regards to their immigrant policy

According to Breitbart, "the NSA reportedly has all of her e-mails." 

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